Friday, February 6, 2009

Wyanne's turn in photos

There's a lotta hoopla on facebook lately: "25 things about me".
I had no interest, but it did start me thinking about Wyanne. I wish I'd done this for all four dogs:
Here are 25 things about her all should know:

25 things about Wyanne

1.She’s an ‘old soul’
2.She’s beautiful.
3.Her favorite friends are Crista, Kodi, Prado, Liberty, Shammy and Garden.
4.She’s the color of vanilla ice cream with a tiny stripe of caramel topping down her back.
5.Her eyes look deep into yours.
6.She’s smart.
7.She changed how Jane, Sophie and Charlotte feel about dogs.
8.She’s given joy and tail wagging to lots of disabled kids.
9.She gets up in the morning with her eye-liner already applied.
10.She’ll try and tease you to play a game of tug-o-war.
11.She doesn’t like pedicures.
12.She’s been to church more times than a lot of people.
13.She snores – really loud.
14.After every meal, she has one loud burp.
15.She prances.
16.She looks like her daddy, Korbel, but she acts like her mommy Breezey.
17.People always say she looks like a polar bear.
18.She thinks she’s fooling me when she tries to lick kids’ hands right after they’ve eaten.
19. She likes the back door open at all times, in all weather, much to Rod’s annoyance.
20. She likes to hold hands at Mass.
21.She’s a great shopper.
22. She is an extraordinary ambassador for CCI.
23. She is beloved by all she meets.
24. Her ears are like velvet.
25. She’s Laurie’s favorite.

Godspeed, my darling dog. I will only cry if you come back, but will know you have done your very best!

For those of you unfamiliar with the CCI turn in process, about a month before the date, puppy raisers are asked to submit their favorite photos of their pup. Only about two for each pup are chosen, but when you see all the puppy pics of matriculating pups, usually around 30, you can't help but laugh and cry and everything in between. Here are the ones I sent.
There are a few very significant people in Wyanne's journey missing in photos, namely Rod, Jane, Sophie, Charlotte and Cath, but I wanted to include some photos of people and places where she's touched hearts.

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