Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Light Hearted Artful Response to Breast Cancer

Thank you, Rita, my survivor hero, for sharing this with me!
Here's the introductory poem:

Breast Cancer Ode

by Marge Moruska

I received an e-mail the other day

Go to this site, please, right away
Artful Bras

As I looked on the screen to my surprise

Oodles of bras flashed before my eyes.

Now, try to picture this if you can

The weird expressions on the face of a man

All were decorated and titled beyond belief

The only one missing was, ”Where’s The Beef?”

“Boobs In Bloom” compliments “The Butterfly”

“Where The Wild Things Are” caught “Rhinestone Cowgirl’s eye

“One Pink Feather” tickled “Mother Nature’s” quest

By showing a bird in its nest on the breast.

“Look At Them Melons”, wow, “The Girls Measure Up”

“Fall Leaves” fell covering “Still In Bloom” up

With a “Mardi Gras” of color you could “Tie One On”

Like sequins and shells or feathers and ribbon.

“For Those Who Served” “For Love And Peace”, I say

Start a “New Life” “Look On The Bright Side”, today

With “An Angel To Watch Over Us” as well

“Thelma And Louise” dump that “Bra From Hell”.

Hung on a hanger these “Support” Bras say

We’re displaying our love in a fun-filled way

Unique, humorous, hand made with flare

Memorializing the lost and showing survivors we care.

Well I must say this has been quite a day

Hanging with people who have nothing to say

But can show where their hearts and their thoughts really are

Through their hands and their love; NO, that’s not bizarre.

So thanks to the Quilters who worked like a bee

Cutting and sewing their ideas to see

Greater efforts or causes I cannot “find-a”

Then from the Quilters Club in South Carolina.

These are the BREAST BRAS made.

Click on the link to see the rest - inspiring all!

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