Sunday, February 1, 2009

Heavy Heart

I'm guessing some of you have been wondering if I've left the face of the earth for a week.
I'm guessing others of you are wondering if you're always going to have to listen to Woody singing We Shall Overcome.

Well, no and yes (at least until I get over my heavy heart, which won't be till after I adjust to not having Wyanne around).

Mostly I'm heavy hearted at having Janet and Lisa leave after such a full week of friendship. When I get more pictures from my camera I'll write more about the week, but right now, I'm feeling the grief of saying goodbye to my beautiful, awesome Wyanne.
Here's the email I just sent:

You're all invited to come and give Wyanne a goodbye hug this Sat., February 7th at Mission San Luis Rey at 12:00.
If you've never been to a graduation before, I'm suggesting you might want to bring kleenex. You're in for a very moving day.
I'm hoping you'll get there a bit early, first of all it's pretty crowded and second of all, we're expected to take the long walk to turn her in immediately (boo hoo:-( following the ceremony. I'd love to have pictures with her well-wishers before hand.
Depending on the speakers, it's usually about an hour and a half ceremony.
Rod and I will then walk her over to CCI, and give her a last hug.
We then plan to drown our sorrows at Killer Pizza from Mars, just a hop skip and a jump down the road from the Mission. We'd love to have whoever can join us.
No need to RSVP to this evite-just come if you can. I know it's impossible for many/most of you to come, but I know you'll be with us in spirit just as you've been on the journey with us from the beginning.
This is an open invitation so if you think of anyone I've forgotten who you think would like to come, please invite them.
Her future is in the Lord's hands,

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Lynne Deakers said...

I was just getting ready to call you. I wasa bit worried but know these are tough good-by times for you. She was a very lucky dog and you have given her such a great start and what a great gift to her new owner. You are awesome!!! We will be with our grand kids next weekend so cannot make the ceremony but will be there in spirit. Love, Lynne & Tim