Sunday, July 19, 2009

More Peter H. Reynolds

I still can't get over the wonders of Facebook.
If you follow my recent posts you'll see that I added some links to books by one of my most favorite children's author/illustrator, Peter H. Reynolds.
Peter H. Reynolds

He caught my attention once again, because Patti Digh,
author of the renowned book, Life is a Verb, mentioned him, not once, but twice, in her Facebook posts in the last few days.
You may remember from a previous post, I said, "When Patti Digh speaks, I listen." I love that she loves him too.

She posted both on her blog and on Facebook, Peter's remarkable animated short, He was Me.
Click here:

Anyway when I was searching I looked at Peter's website which had a Facebook link. I followed it and he graciously accepted my invite. Now we're friends!
I'm a happy person!

This is a link to more PHR wonders for you to enjoy.
Fablevision Library

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