Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Day of Joy - International Quilt Festival, Long Beach

It was so much fun sharing the day with San Diego friends, Paula, Davi, Chris and Cindy, meeting long time friend, Mary Ann,
and sister-in-law Lynne and her friends, Joanne and Cheryl.
Missing, to our sadness, Willie, Kathy and Rita.

I'm sorry I didn't document artist's names better, I'm also sorry as I always am, that I didn't take pictures of such dear friends, and even sorrier that my cow picture didn't come out.
You'll have to visit Davi's blog,
to see the cows and the artist's comments.

Here's a slide show of what I did capture:

Here are some photos Chris took, including the cows!!!

It's only a tiny fraction of the phenomenal creativity in abundance.

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DH 2Travelers said...

Chris captured images of quilts I only WISH I had seen ... I now wish I had been more energetic and determined to SEE THEM ALL. Inspiring, Amazing, Incredible, Unbelievable ... don't you just love the guy with his boys on the fence? I think it's the most personal of them all ...