Tuesday, July 28, 2009

From Magnificat today

It's a common mistake to think that God's "works" and "mighty deeds" are told only in Scripture. Every person's life is God's work of art, an expression of his creative love, his goodness, his compassion.

from Psalm 145:
The Lord is kind and full of compassion, slow to anger, abounding in love.
How good is the Lord to all, compassionate to all his creatures.

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DH 2Travelers said...

Ann, have you ever been to a local MAGNIFICAT day ??? I have, several times, and I love them ... let's go to one, shall we? I even have what I think is a fantastic suggestion for a future guest speaker ... have you read any of the writings by Kristin Armstrong? She is often published now in "Living Faith", the daily reader that Mark and I enjoy ... and also, her books on recovering from painful situations (in her case, a divorce from - yes, that's right - Lance). She's amazing!