Sunday, July 19, 2009

A flaw in the system

As magical as it is, ordering my book requests online and having them delivered free of charge to the library of my choice,
there is a drawback. I only order the best of the best and then I can't stop reading.
An entire lovely Sunday, 'wasted'. That's Rod's word, not mine, as his nose is in the latest Lee Child best seller I ordered for him.
Reading this book:

can in no way be considered a waste of time.
The writing is superb, recognized by Barbara Kingsolver, who granted it her sought after Bellwether Prize.
It was recommended as a companion to Help, but it tells a far more gruesome story of racial prejudice.
I read it in one day; need I say more?


Willie said...

Ok, just ordered this one for my kindle. when am i going to have time to read all these books???!!!!

Lynne Deakers said...

I had to go back and comment here. I just finished this book and LOVED it!! One of my top ten ever best reads. One of those "you will stay up past two AM to finish" books. Thanks for the recommendation. Love, Lynne