Friday, May 29, 2009

A work in progress

Here are the first pictures of the craft room - the first time since I've been married 39 years ago that I get a room just for me.

I really like this grid system for hanging whatever. Clothespins are one of the most under rated tools. I love the 'embellished' ones I got on etsy; will be on the lookout for more fun ones.

These are the cubes I got from way basics, very colorful and so easy to assemble. When I get all the fabric sorted I'll probably need more. Some for yarn too.

Here's the piece de resitance:
the lampshade that called out to me in Anthopologie:

It's even cuter in person.
You can see the sunny yellow walls - my cousin, Mary, did a most excellent job of painting and she's available, should any of you need a painter!

I have lots more ideas and work to do, but love what I've got so far.


DH 2Travelers said...

I have some SERIOUS lampshade envy, Ann. I was just at Anthro on Friday with daughter Cara, and did NOT NOT NOT see such a beauty. NO WONDER YOU WERE THRILLED / ANXIOUS all at once. it's BEE-YOU-TI-FULL. I want one. Seriously. OMG, I can't stop obsessing. Stop me. Stop me!
WHICH Anthro did you find 'her' at? (I was at The Forum).

Davielle aka Princess Magpie said...

dear Craft Space Soul Sister Ann:
I want to see MORE IMAGES as your room develops. and that lampshade is to-die-for STILL. I'm hoping we can create a similar effect on mine, using some of your crocheted flowers and such ... do you think we can, really? this will be fun!