Thursday, May 14, 2009

A well-kept secret

The Del Mar Country Club

A long time friend invited another friend (both from my St. James class of 14 years ago) and I to join her for lunch at the Del Mar Country Club. She was insistent that I bring America. I was reluctant, but knew that bringing her would allow me to spend more time visiting.
It was a glorious afternoon, first of all because we were able to catch up on what our kids are up to (why is that such a fascinating subject for mothers?) and what each of us has been doing with our lives (much of which involves counting blessings).
The day was gorgeous, the food, excellent, but the company topped it all.

Then the frosting on the cake was the reception America received! I couldn't have asked for better behavior from a 12 week old pup. She greeted the rich and famous and every one else with her gracious tail wag. When she wasn't being fondled she slept.
But I had no idea that this country club (or any country club) was so dog friendly. It turns out that the owners are extreme dog lovers/rescuers/supporters. They've sponsored many a CCI pup and contributed to other service dog organizations.
Here's an event they're sponsoring, supporting both service pups and those dealing with autism. I've heard Temple Grandin speak. Her words ring true for dog lovers and those experiencing autism. templegrandin

So a lovely day, America meeting/making new friends, me enjoying old friends. having a great lunch, relaxing for hours and learning about such a dog supportive place.

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DH 2Travelers said...

does Madeline Paulson (now married to T. Boone Pickins) still own a piece of DMCC, then? she and her late husband, Alan Paulson, were big CCI supporters. I can fill you in when I see you. :-) --