Saturday, May 30, 2009

Southern Living

For those of you who get/enjoy Southern Living, the house on page 34 in the June issue, is Willie's friend, BJ, who lives in North Carolina.  Looks fabulous.  Doesn't the sleeping porch conjure up images from all those books by southern authors we so love???
Hope I can still find a copy!

The Sunbonnet Sue quilt on the bed on the left is very similar to one I have that my grandmother made.


DH 2Travelers said...

Ann, thanks for the tip on where to find that article -- I was so enchanted by BJ's house when Willie shared the pics with us. WOW. I have house envy !!!!!

Willie said...

This house would be fabulous enough if it WAS their residence! This little gem is just one of their occasional get-away places. Their primary home is in Phx and is annually voted "the all-time favorite house EVER" by every member of our family! We have Thanksgiving there each yr. and never want to leave...last yr. BJ was ready to go to bed and the Crawfords were still hanging out in their awesome family room!

DH 2Travelers said...

so glad I got my copy of the mag - what a CHARMING house. whether it's a full-time home or an occasional, it totally ROCKS my sense of ... peaceful, easy, comfy and cozy SANCTUARY self. :-)

thanks again, Ann, for pointing me in the direction of the exact issue.