Friday, May 22, 2009

laying low

for no particular reason.
I've been busy funning; certainly enjoyed my lunch with some incredibly talented, kind, and inspiring women:

subbing here and there
trying out yoga classes
reminiscing at Donna's party
being grateful for watching the Variety Show from the audience and NOT spending my Memorial Day weekend starting report cards
keeping up with work for Charity Mania
reading, knitting, wordscraping
and playing with Miss America:

who loves her duck from Willie and thinks my little red heart rug looks better on the grass than by my door.

1 comment:

Davielle aka Princess Magpie said...

our day together, Ann, was one of my BEST days ever. truly, it was. thank you for opening your home and your heart to us all, and thank you for including me. :-) LOVE LOVE LOVE you - Davi