Monday, May 10, 2010

behind the curve

I suppose everyone else knows about 10x10 but me.

I found out about it in this book:

It was listed under the category of "12 websites you (meaning old fogies) should know".

10x10 consists of a 10x10 grid of thumbnail sketches and 100 words lined up by the grid.
They give an hourly update of stories garnered from news sources around the world. It's pretty user friendly, but decidedly frightening to be able to summon so much information and then be able to disseminate it so succinctly and so quickly.

I also learned from reading the above mentioned book that young people don't email and don't read newspapers (they also don't wear watches, but tell time from their phones- and I just got that cool watch from Rod for my b'day that reads my heart rate and tells me how far I've walked) and those of us that do are really dating ourselves! I guess I should have figured as much. I'm only on #32 out of 185 ways to not act old, and wait with much anticipation to find out what else I need to learn, well maybe not so much learn, as be aware of. Watch out, here I come!

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I Am Princess Magpie said...

all I can say, Ann, is ... "embrace the F word". LOL. seriously, that # 62 has my name all over it. I hope. how bizarre, right, that I remember the # (62) but can't recall just how they titled it? other than it was something about housework. gee, I wonder if they combine EMBRACING THE F WORD with NOT CARING FOR HOUSEWORK ... now that would be a treat! can't wait to get my own copy of that treasure. thx for sharing -- D.