Saturday, September 12, 2009

Follow-up for Enviromedia's Pay It Forward Day

This from Enviromedia's blog Enviromedia
Today, Friday, September 11, 2009, more than 40 EnviroMedians in Texas, Oregon, New York and Wyoming set out on a journey of goodwill, in teams of two, armed with a $100 bill and this card:

Then, later that afternoon, we gathered together to share our experiences. While you’ll be hearing more about those experiences in subsequent posts, here are some of the creative and compassionate ways our staff put those $100 bills to work:

Purchased groceries for people at supermarkets
Funded the adoption of a homeless cat from an animal shelter
Provided supplies for an elementary schoolchildren’s vegetable garden
Presented more than 100 red roses to residents of a senior center
Paid for music lessons for three aspiring young cellists
Gave out restaurant gift cards at a facility for unemployed jobseekers
Contributed toward physician co-payments for several patients
Bought baby supplies for residents of a homeless shelter
Contributed to the (Matthew) Shepard Symposium on Social Justice
Paid admission fees for people at an art museum
Provided flu shots for people without health insurance
Helped to sponsor senior trips for underprivileged high school students
Provided gifts and bedding to a resident of a women’s shelter
Picked up tabs for people at a sandwich shop, taco stand and coffeehouse
Made a cash donation to a blood bank
Provided free coffee for firefighters
Made a donation to NYC’s Ground Zero Museum
And purchased a commemorative brick to raise funds for the expansion of a facility for neglected and abused children. The brick will bear the inscription, “Kindness is a boomerang; Pay It Forward.”

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