Monday, August 31, 2009

Still time to sign up

These slides are some of her students' work
Davi, you were 21, but now there are more posts, but you're definitely included.

Find more photos like this on Suzi Blu's Les Petit Academy

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Davielle aka Princess Magpie said...

oh Ann and Suzi, I am so woefully behind behind behind ... but don't give up on me. I AM SO INSPIRED by these ... I just need to clear more space so I can breathe around here ... I'm creating a third place in our home for arting ... RIGHT IN MY OFFICE ... 'cause if I'm taking an ONLINE CLASS, it makes sense that I'd want to SIT RIGHT HERE and .. make art. right? light a candle for me - I'm behind, but I'm catching up.
ANN, you are such the inspiration to me ... love you !!!