Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The 5 p.m. deadline

Whenever I have a task that must be accomplished, I call up Davi, aka PrincessMagpie and ask for some friendly competition. She's always game. We take pictures and have at it.

She's sure to have a to do list nearly as long as mine or even longer.

We had just finished four days of artful classes so I was pretty sure she hadn't put her stuff away yet either.
The only difference was I needed to clear my dining room table for Betty Day today, to which you're all welcome!

This was the dining room table.

This was leftover laundry needing to be put away.

I didn't make the deadline, didn't even get the table really cleared, just put some leftover stuff in an infamous (from being lugged back and forth from my classroom millions of times) red tote and ready to fill it up again.

Did get the laundry put away though!

Have loads of todos for Betty Day and looking forward to spending time with beautiful talented women!
Going to try PW's Stacy's apple cinnamon crisp recipe, using home grown apples from Chris.

Yea, it's today...

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DH 2Travelers said...

and I never should have told Marky Mark that I accepted your challenge, because since it's now 2 days later and I'm still not done - he's not so happy with me! sheesh ...