Monday, June 29, 2009

The Story of Forgetting

A family story, a learning story, a gut wrenching story.

Seth, a 15 year old boy who can only cope with the sadness gripping his family by pretending to be nothing, sets out to find his mother's relatives so that he can come to grips with her early-onset Alzheimer's.
These descriptions of its relentless march are so telling:
the death of speaking
the death of walking
the death of control over the bowels
the death of standing upright
the death of self-feeding
the death of crawling
the death of sitting up
the death of sleeping at night
the death of swallowing
the final death of the beating heart.

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DH 2Travelers said...

ordered it; but will read this AFTER our holiday, not ON our holiday. thank you, Ann, for posting this. along with MY STROKE OF INSIGHT (your recommendation), and WHERE IS THE MANGO PRINCESS? which I heard about ... I don't recall where ... these BRAIN-ILLNESS stories are touching, fascinating, and so poignant. We stand to lose SO VERY MUCH ... -- Davi