Friday, June 26, 2009

A lovely meditation for today

I am always shocked to realize that I must start at the place I am right this second and nowhere else. Right now I am knee deep in Legos ® and laundry, and this is the place I am meant to be. For me to live in the fullness of my call in this moment, I must accept this reality and start from here. Like spring before summer, I accept this as a way of cultivating readiness for what is to come. I long to race ahead to the place where I see greater fulfillment of my call, but staying mindfully in this space reminds me that in many ways, I am a beginner, and that is okay. In the company of my children, the blank screen or a fresh box of paints, each day I am learning anew the unexpected rhythms of grace. Taking the stance of beginner, honoring the flow of this life season, I'm already becoming the writer and artist I believe I was meant to be.

— Jen Lemen
FaithStreams Archives

I had totally forgotten about my Faithstream newsletter that I used to get daily. For some reason yesterday I decided to check my spam, which I almost never do. There it were with a lot of other interesting things.
Here's the link to the New Morning page which gives you another link to sign up for Daybook.

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