Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dad

So underappreciated

I don't know too much about my dad's early life other than he had to leave school after 8th grade to help support his family of 5 brothers and sisters.
His father was a hod carrier, which I assume wasn't the best paying job.
I know he loved playing basketball.
He had a tremendous work ethic, first selling for Wrigley, then the rest of his career for Warner Lambert, whose best-known product is Listerine.
He worked long hours, always working on paper work at night, 
but never complaining.
He provided a good living, managing to send both his children to expensive private colleges, without the help of scholarships or grants.
His customers loved him 
and would always wait to hear Henry's latest joke.
(I don't know a single joke teller anymore.)
He would never keep customers waiting as he insisted on being early everywhere he went.
He was a snappy dresser,
always in a suit, 
and most often a hat.
He would scoff at our reliance on calculators today.
He could add a column of figures in a jiffy,
the longer the better.
He lived/loved his faith.
One of his greatest joys near the end of his life was training altar boys.
I imagine he was a strict, but proud, task master.
He was a wonderful husband to my mother, whom I realize now, 
probably was higher maintenance than I remember.
He shared his love of baseball with me.
Thank you, Dad.
I didn't tell you enough, but I love you!


Davielle aka Princess Magpie said...

Ann, that is a beautiful tribute to your Dad. :-) -- Davi

Katie said...

i never knew he was a cancer, like me = ). happy birthday Granddad.