Monday, January 12, 2009

My days with Wyanne are numbered.

We had our next to last class on Saturday and she was stellar, except for missing the table on a few jumps. 
Turn in is on February 7th at Mission San Luis Rey at noon. For those of you who have never been, please consider coming.
It's a tiny amount of time, but a huge glimpse of the life changing process that is CCI.
One of the highlights of the day is seeing the slide show of all the puppies that are matriculating (starting their journey of advanced training). Puppy raisers submit their favorite photos of their pups.  I just sent mine in.  It's a good way of looking back on the last 14 months with your pup.  It helps me remember what good work Wyanne has already done!


DH 2Travelers said...

oh, Anne, I can't believe it's already "that" time. Wyanne has been such a delight to be around, and just think - I believe her first outing as a pup was here at my house for that CCI fundraiser - right? ;-) GOOD MEMORIES. need a tissue? I'll bring some to spare to grad. WITH LOTS OF GRATITUDE for all you do for CCI - Davi

Lynne Deakers said...

I am finally getting to see the beautiful colors on your blog in Mozilla. What adorable photos of you & Wyanne reading to the children!! You are wonderful! She has had a very special home and will be a very special dog for someone thanks to all your hard work and LOVE. Lynne