Sunday, January 4, 2009


You asked people to share their New Years' Resolutions. I ignored your question until this morning, when I was looking at Jane's blog, finding reference to an interview with Danny Gregory.
Here's the link to the interview: DannyGregory

and a partial quote from the interview:
"I am interested in the neurological benefits of drawing and how it connects to meditation, and what effect it has on the preservation of visual memory as one ages. I am also interested in using journaling to help people deal with tragedy and disease. And finally I am thinking of how drawing helps you to appreciate the mundane and everyday in a way that could help be an antidote to the rampant materialism that is at the heart of the current economic crisis."

So now I do have a resolution: DRAW!
Join me????

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DH 2Travelers said...

yes, yes, YES - DRAWing in the new year will be so much fun. of course, I can't draw my way out of a paper bag {which is a terrible thing for an interior designer to have to admit, and NOBODY wants me on their Pictionary team} -- but since taking Jane's WATERCOLOR JOURNALING class, wow, did my eyes get opened way wide. I can draw, a little, thank you very much Jane LaFazio, and not only that, I can color in my sketch with watercolors and ENJOY the results. {i'm easy enough to please}. -- thanks for reminding me, Ann, of the JOURNAL. Er, journey. Hugs - D.