Thursday, January 1, 2009

The loneliest job in the world...

undecorating the Christmas tree; 
seems like Erma Bombeck must have words on this.

Before I begin this task I want to remind myself of all the love and the stories that each ornament represents and tells.
As I dismantle I plan to say a prayer for each person that added to my merry Christmas.
The three ornaments above are from three special students from three special years past. They are only a small sampling of the countless ornaments I've received from students in years past, many of whom I still have the pleasure of being in contact with. Then there are the ornaments from close friends, so many from Ann and Neil, handmade ones from Janet, ornaments with names for each of the kids from Joanne, the stamped ones for each of the kids from Sherry, thimbles from Mary Ann, a fashionista from Gayle. So many friends, so many memories. I promise to pray for each and every one of you.

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Katie said...

i undecorated today, too, and agree it is very lonely. but like you said, it's a chance to take a moment and remember. i especially love the wedding and dog ornaments you gave us last year. miss you!