Saturday, November 29, 2008

I need you!

It's a long story, but I had a funky Thanksgiving, missing 4/8ths of my family (that includes cousin Mary), so when Friday came I moved right into Christmas, playing Christmas music long before I usually do, thinking of a time when all 8 of us plus will be together. I can only hope that I won't get sick of it before Christmas, but I don't think so because we'll be so blessed to be together.
Anyway I have a burning question for all of you readers (some weeks I get up to 63!). I know there are a lot of lurkers out there, which normally I don't mind, but now I want to know - What's your favorite Christmas album???????
Here's mine for today:

I'm sooo grateful to Davi who comments nearly every day on my blog and Lynne who sometimes jumps in.
What about the rest of you? I'd so love to hear from you. Two of my favorite bloggers, Davi and Jane LaFazio, have both said, "I live for comments." I don't feel that strongly, but just this time couldn't you pleaaassse join in? And if not, maybe you could email me and tell my why because I'm wondering if I have the settings wrong and it's too difficult.


Davielle aka Princess Magpie said...

MARIO LANZA's Christmas music is one of my all-time favorites - and James Taylor's is FANtastic. Natalie Cole's THE HOLLY & THE IVY cd is terrific, too. How's that for starters? -- Davi

Davielle aka Princess Magpie said...

by the way, how DO you get the "visitor count" ??? I want to add that to both my blog sites, Ann. Help! ;-) -- Davielle

ann said...

As usual you're my one and only commenter.
Thank you, good and faithful friend!

Willie said...

(I hope I'm doing this right....) I have dozens of Christmas albums, but my fave is still Mannheim Steamroller Christmas!