Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Gifted Man

If you love animals or nature, or, even better, both, please check out this blog:
Jon's photos are breathtaking and his words uplifting. He's also a columnist forSlateMagazine . The name of his column is Heavy Petting. Gives you an idea of his wonderful sense of humor.
Here's a sample of a couple of entries:

November 24, 2008 - To those of you who struggle with fear, or sadness, or who are worried, or who need encouragement to live your lives, and don't always get it, take heart. Lenore has a message for you, as do I. Don't take yourself too seriously too often.
It will be okay, the world is filled with joy and sorrow, and but also love and hope. So smile. Lenore, the Hound of Love, has more power than markets or money. If you look at her, you will smile.

I've been looking for the last color in the woods, as the leaves turn and the temperature drops. I found these two far out on the path this afternoon, and a few more behind them. This might be the last color for awhile, until I come across something else.

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DH 2Travelers said...

Dang, my comment disappeared - oh well. Starting over!

So in 2007 when I read more books than usual, three were by JON KATZ and I found him delightful. His BEDLAM FARM is amazing, isn't it? What a wonderful website / blog he has going.

The stuff about Hospice work really got to me ...

Thanks for sharing it with others, Ann.
-- Davi