Monday, June 21, 2010

An extraordinary Exhibit

San Diego Book Arts is hosting a phenomenal exhibit at Geisel Library on the UCSD campus from now through July 4th.
This slideshow captures a few of my favorites.
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Each of the 61 entries is totally different, but equally intriguing.
I had the pleasure of attending with 3 art aficionados, but who also happen to be foodies, so we topped off our field trip with a visit to the Burger Lounge where the grass fed beef is truly mouth watering.
Our friend from Nebraska, who met us there, verifies the authenticity of the beef.

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I Am Princess Magpie said...

yeah, so how surprised was I when I happened upon the piece with all those empty prescription bottles - well, no longer empty, 'cause the artist had filled them with snippets of poetry. I have a rather large (and growing) collection of empty Rx bottles, which I'd been saving for - an art project. so glad to know my idea's not a silly one, albeit - already used. (good thing I wasn't going to fill 'em with poetry). :-) LOVED the exhibit, and so glad we all went together. -- Davi