Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The beginning of the end of the beginning

There is an automatic correlation between raising a CCI pup and heartbreak.
We embrace them so enthusiastically
at 8 weeks of age, eager to shape them into pups of distinction.
We get up with them at all hours of the night for the first few weeks, we endure the time when we'd like to kill them because they've eaten our favorite shoes, ruined our sprinkler systems, chewed the carpet, vomited on the stairs, just because they're so cute. We fluff up our chests with pride when we can take them to church, a mall, the library and they elicit so many comments of 'what a well behaved pup'.
Inevitably the time comes when we must part.
America's time is near, August 14.
I received in the mail today her final paper work: make sure she's had all her shots, send a couple of photos you'd like to see in the slide show (does that couple only mean two from 16 months of extreme closeness and pride???).
My heart is heavy, but in the 7 years I've been associated with CCI, I've seen miracles happen.
I love America so much, but I wish with all my heart she will grace another person's life (someone needier than I) with all the joy that she exudes. If it is not meant to be, I shall welcome her back with open arms and we will begin a new chapter of making a difference.
Here are a couple of photos of her outings the last few days - always dependable, always joyful!
God Bless America!


Kelly Warren said...

she's so beautiful, Ann. what you do is a wonderful thing. don't think i could do it. i know i would get so attached in the time i had them that i wouldn't be able to give them up. and good to know even those well behaved going-through-training dogs still eat your house. :-) literally. my molly carries around anything that moves, chewing away. and for things that are attached, oh, she just lounges next to it while she chews it. she's an 8-month old rescue. there are picture of here an Isabelle in my Facebook photo albums.

Black Belt BattleAxe said...

What an amazing and strong woman you are. My heart is broken for you! Please follow up with America's new life for us, if you can.

Mary Ellen said...

Ann, I remember how I cried when I went to the graduation ceremonies with you. I can't imagine the dual feelings you have for this beauty of a dog. I think you are one of the bravest, kindest people I know. As I type this, tears fall. Mary Ellen