Thursday, January 7, 2010

A great read about an amazing woman!

Although The Glass Castle, by Jeannette Walls, came highly recommended to me and it's been sitting on my nightstand forever I never had the courage to read it since I knew the subject matter would be depressing. It deals with her, dare I say, horrible childhood.

Half Broke Horses is almost a prequel because it tells the story of her grandmother in a bio/novel style. It was a very engaging read, and while Lily never had an easy life she took the cards that were dealt to her and made them work, a theme that runs through the book. It's a story of courage, joy, sadness, all the elements of a great book!

I plan to start The Glass Castle today.


DH 2Travelers said...

I'd like to read HALF BROKE HORSES, Ann. I read THE GLASS CASTLE a few years back, and yes, it was depressing - but not intolerable. There IS that theme of "survivorship", which makes it palatable. I do recommend THE GLASS CASTLE. :-)

chrissy said...

hi friend...
how are you? been quiet.
did you get through the holidays?
i miss you.
we'll be meeting soon.
i can't wait.
hope all is well.
much love to you,

DH 2Travelers said...

I thought I had posted a comment to this already, Ann. Must be gettin' forgetful (or, rather, thinking I did something ... that I didn't!) :-)
I read Glass Castle a couple years ago, and my cousin Kathy just loaned HALF BROKE HORSES to me - I am starting it today!