Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Stroke of Genius

Some of you have heard me say that if I had it to do over again I'd do brain research. I'm fascinated by the workings of the brain.
I found this book to be an extraordinary read. Dr. Taylor, Harvard trained as a neuroanatomist, tells the story of her stroke when she was 37 years old. She begins with easy to understand descriptions of how the left side, 'doing', side of our brain works in tandem with our right side, the 'feeling' side.
Then she describes exactly what happened when her brain hemorrhaged, and the left, analytical, speaking, moving, side of her brain shuts down completely. She becomes what she calls a 'fluid', at one with the universe, no longer having or filling space. She lives in a nirvana state, totally in the moment, no longer hampered by the worrying, nagging side of the brain. Tempted as she was to stay in that state, she realizes how impossible the reality is and fights to get her whole brain back. The most interesting part though is now she can choose exactly the type of person she wants to be, shedding negativity and anxiety, by working only on the positive. It's years before she gains full mental faculties, but her success makes fascinating reading.

During much of the reading, Eckhart Tolle's manta, we can learn to live in the now, not in the agony of the past and future, shines through.

Hopefully some of you will read this and we can compare thoughts! I would highly recommend this book to anyone who knows someone who has a stroke. If it ever happens to me I hope my family will heed this and read it!
Also let it be known I want my brain to be donated to the Harvard Brain Bank!
Dr. Taylor is also know as the singin' scientist. She has written and sings this jingle:
Oh, I am a brain banker,
Banking brains is what I do.
I am a brain banker,
Asking for a deposit from you!


DH 2Travelers said...

Ann, I was fascinated by this when you spoke about it at book club on Friday. I can't wait to read it - keep the good finds coming. -- D.

Lyn said...

Amazing Ann....I'd love to hear her live...Lyn