Monday, March 9, 2009

oh my, oh my, oh my...

Everyone knows how much I love Pioneer Woman and her contests. I really didn't have any interest in entering the one for the visit to the lodge for time with Bakerella, however, when I saw the hello kitty pops that she made I did have to check out her site, Bakerella

I think the 14 layer cake is the coolest and doesn't really look that hard. I need an occasion to make one!


Derek said...

I agree, the 14 layer cake looks delicious... and I think the perfect occasion t make one would be to celebrate your visit to Austin! I will be more than happy to be your guinea pig while you perfect this recipe!

ann said...

I'm on it!
However I did promise to make Laurie the chocolate angel cake dessert for a late celebration of her birthday. Can we possible stand two such decadent dessert??? Certainly!