Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Writing Class

Just finished this book by local author, Jincy Willett.

Entertaining, but not enthralling, however, this quote could be mine, run on sentence and all, if I read more classics...

"Feeling an existential moment coming on, Amy got a Heath bar out of the glove compartment, switched on the interior light, and got out Carla's mysterious letter. Amy ate too much and probably drank more than she should, but her only true addiction was reading. The Lawrence Durrell quartet, which she hadn't even enjoyed, had gotten her through the protracted, awful death of Max, and Charles Dickens had seen her through the loss of each parent, and one rainy afternoon, on board a Boeing 727 with faulty landing gear bound for a dubious touchdown in Pensacola, Florida she had refused to assume the crash position without her open paperback copy of Revolutionary Road. Nothing was truly unbearable if you had something to read."

Amy, the central character, puts lists on her blogs. One list is Funny Looking Words, which contain disembosomee, phlebotomist,
loblolly. Another is Novel Hybrids, such as, Old Man Riverdance, Gone with the Window for Dummies.
Certainly elicited a chuckle, if not a true outloud laugh.

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