Wednesday, September 10, 2008

hmmm - keep or toss???

but I could use it for rubber stamps or sewing supplies.

help me, someone, please!

an addendum - Michael, minimalist Michael. stepped up and said I couldn't possibly get rid of it. We threw some other stuff out and put it right back.
I'm doomed !


2Travelers said...

KEEPER, KEEPER, KEEPER - the Alf lunch pail - is definitely a KEEPER, 'cause he's so darn cute and classic. Note: I did not say "classy". I said "classic". We don't decide to KEEP or TOSS based on "classy" criteria -- but "classic" - ALWAYS ;-) !!! Your process of "keep or toss" is not, not, not doomed - I can tell - because you have the wisdom to ASK for guidance. Love that ALF can find a new life, still useful, storing -- how about little gift tags, or home-made cards & envelopes & postage -- in your Guest Bedroom? How fun!

ann said...

it wasn't me - it was Michael!

2Travelers said...

ann, it's OK if it WAS you - but I did realize it was Michael. Who is Michael, by the way? he sounds oh-so-wise! ;-) -- Davi

Leslie said...

Sell it on Ebay!