Wednesday, March 26, 2008

heart walk

One of the many things my dear friend Sherry and I have in common is our love of all things hearts. I'm guessing mine started with my cherished time at Immaculate Heart High School way back when. I'm not sure of hers,but we've traded many hearty things over the years.
With my newly acquired talent for discovering meaningful (to me) blogs, many by artists, I found KelliRaeRoberts, also a heart lover. She takes many fun photos of hearts wherever she finds them. She led me to this book: (why didn't I think of that?!) heart stones by josie iselin.
I've since rebegun my hobby of collecting rocks shaped like hearts and am amazed, when taking my daily walk, how many little holes in the concrete are shaped like hearts. Next time you're walking - take a look and see if you don't spy a heart and think of me.

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