Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Five months and 9 days later...where does one start to pick up the pieces. My life seems to change as quickly as technology these days. I was reminded this morning of one year ago,greeting old friends at Parents in Prayer, and introducing Lila and Larkin, transplanted grands! It was a happy morning, despite the fact that we left hurriedly when not sharing resulted in two screamers. Another happy morning today, introducing yet another change in my life, Indy, a pup in training for tenderlovingcanines. In between I've continued to celebrate my endless summer. April was filled with the joys of LindseyOstrom's National Letter Writing Month swap. I have an altered book filled with wonderful art and letters. Another highlight has been taking JoanneSharpe's Letter Love and Color Love classes. Then there's been many hours of grand time. How blessed we are that they're so close. We had fun showing Flat Fanny the wonders of Yosemite, on a trip to Diane and Neil's fabulous house on Pine Mountain Lake. I thank all of you who faithfully check in and perhaps I can get back to blogging. It was such a big think in my life for a while. I guess now I'm just too busy living it to write about it. Time will tell.

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