Sunday, October 24, 2010

pinch me, please!

I can hardly believe I got to meet Patti Digh,
the illustrious author of these amazing books:

and look - here she is -holding up my art quilt, called Shine!

She and Jane LaFazio are fast friends, sharing a love of their new cowboy boots.

Such a privilege to be invited to be in the picture with these extraordinarily talented women, Patti, Jane, Linda Bannan and Wendee Lee

Near the end of Patti's inspiring talk we were invited to choose, without looking, a rock from her collection
Oddly enough - here's mine:

Shine is surely on my mind these days,
from my art to the shine stamp Davi gave me before she left, to David Crowder to This Little LIght of Mine at mass on Friday.
I'll do my best!

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