Friday, August 6, 2010

Unexpected Pleasures

Since we were not able to attend the wedding of Erin and Rob Clark in Healdsburg in June, I suggested we connect when we came to Northern California for Rod's niece's wedding in August.
Erin and I have only met online, first because we're raising sibling pups for CCI - she Ariel and me America.
After initial introductions we realized we have a mutual love for Scrabble so we started playing Wordscraper in Facebook pretty much every day.
We arranged a meeting at Zin Restaurant in Healdsburg for Sunday evening.
We were thrilled when Erin and Rob brought their lovely daughter, Jaffray, who started Erin on her CCI journey when she raised Rista for a school project, but, sorry, Jaffray, even more thrilled when they brought Ariel and their new pup Rodney.

Ariel is every bit as sweet as America.

We had a lovely visit, but could hardly contain our excitement when Rob offered to take us flying the next day. He and Rod connected quickly on an engineering level, but it turns out Rob also is the owner of North Coast Air
Here's a slideshow chronicling our adventure.

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I Am Princess Magpie said...

ANN ... wow, what an adventure! and Rob and Rod could be related, they look so much alike. what a day to remember. :-)