Thursday, March 11, 2010

On my daily walks I secretly plan my own 'knit and run'

West Cape May authorities and residents are on the lookout for an unknown person, dubbed The Midnight Knitter, according to The Press of Atlantic City.
When darkness falls, the mystery knitter takes to the streets of the shore town and covers tree branches and lampposts with little sweaters.
Yes, you read that right, little sweaters.
And the knitter (or knitters) are displaying their wooly work on Facebook and a Web site.
Although residents and the town’s mayor agree that the colorful patterns are captivating and better than graffiti, the handiwork is illegal.
“We don’t know who it is,” Mayor Pam Kaithern told The Press. “Technically, they shouldn’t be doing it. The police are asking about it, but it’s fun and it’s a mystery.”
The town’s main concern? That when the yarn becomes faded, the cozy creations be taken down.
Wow, if this is West Cape May’s most pressing unsolved mystery, we’re thinking it’s time to move there.

Here's the book I'll get my pattern from:

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Davielle aka Princess Magpie said...

WHAT FUN! I'll hold a flashlight for you and watch for spies !!!