Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Our Lady of the Rosary

I started praying the rosary on my daily walk in the late 1970's, spurred by some war threat, now an everyday occurrence.
I've said it countless times since, sometimes with utmost reverence, sometimes with impatience, sometimes with pleading, but always with comfort. It is my first thought in my wakeless nights. Often I think, well if I can't sleep, at least I have more time to pray.
I have several rosaries that have great value to me, one my mother used daily, one my dad always carried in his pocket, one from my First Communion (teeny tiny silver beads) and one with gorgeous Swarovski crystal beads handmade by my dear friend, Pam, on the occasion of my retirement, but most often I use my fingers to count the prayers.

I am fascinated by the request of Our Blessed Mother in personal appearances to the children at Fatima and the visionaries at Medjugorje to pray the Rosary. I know she has been the instrument in my life to bring me closer to her son and I'd like to think the rosary has been a small steppingstone in that quest.


chrissy said...

ann...what a beautiful post. i especially love your thought that on the sleepless nights, you think to yourself that at least you have more time to pray. i need to have a better attitude like that! thank you. god IS wonderful!

DH 2Travelers said...

"That best academy, a mother's knee." -- James Russell Lowell

FABULOUS post, Ann. I always appreciate hearing other people's story of their walk in Christ, and with His blessed Mother.

-- Davi