Sunday, October 26, 2008

Food for thought

I occasionally check in on this lovely lady's blog, One Happy Fool
She's a cancer survivor, teaches art to youth in prison, and challenges herself daily to draw! She takes multiple art classes and faithfully posts her work. She's miles ahead of me, but gives me inspiration.
I almost forgot to mention she has a CCI service dog, released for kidney problems.

Here's one of her works from a mixed medial class.

here's her bio:
Northern California, United States
I'm a woman of a certain age, living with one husband, one daughter, three dogs and one cat. I have more interests than I can name. I especially like to read, watch movies, paper craft, garden, correspond and draw. I sometimes cook, desperately try to clean house and generally keep track of myself. Oh yes, I work parttime too. I like rainy days and most animals. I want a goat. (Not an option, but I want one.) The photo was taken in the chemotherapy suite where I spend LOTS of time.

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