Tuesday, August 19, 2008

God is so good

Some of you who read this blog know my beautiful (inside and out) friend, Rose and some of you met her briefly at Katie and Derek's wedding, some of you only know of her. She's a loving, giving, energetic woman and I want you to thank God with me that all signs of her cancer are gone.
It was a devastating time last February when she was on death's door, but we all know miracles happen.
She's a fighter and she won. So many prayed and are still praying, as we must continue to do, but now we can make them happy, Thank you, God prayers!
We've shared many fun times together in the last few years, so many laughs when we worked together in first grade and so many laughs and hugs since.
This picture is from a 'back to our roots' day when she and I raided Pam's plum and apricot trees and went home and made jam.

Another day we shared was a chemo day and we visited with another friend and chemo recipient, Vern Pritchett. Over the weekend God called Vern home. I will always remember him as a gentle gentleman with a ready smile, and will pray for his family as he will be sorely missed.

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